• Urban Existence III
    Urban Existence III

    Black Ink Marker on Heat-pressed Plastic Shopping Bags

  • Mural @ The Dog's Bollocks burger joint (Roodehek Str, Gardens, Cape Town)
    Mural @ The Dog's Bollocks burger joint (Roodehek Str, Gardens, Cape Town)


    Wood panels, Road marking paint, Gloss Enamel, Woodglue, Genkem, Steel, chain and nails.

  • Urban Existence II
    Urban Existence II

    Acrylic & Pencil on Craft which is glued and pasted to a piece of Cape Town Sidewalk/Tar which is spraypainted gold

Rudolf Liebenberg is an independent artist, created, currently living and creating in Cape Town, South Africa.

Using mixed media application I express myself visually with an expressive stroke of line mixed with some urban flavour. Canvas is useful, but I prefer to push the boundaries with my work surface. I use found objects/materials. Anything from wood panels, heat pressed plastic to pieces of tarmac found in and around the streets of Cape Town.

I have a big love for the drawn line. Some lines definite, some hesitant, some smooth, some jagged, some joyous, some sinister. I’m addicted to the sound of mark-making on a surface. The quality of the fibre under my hand. The texture of the medium. The thoughts I have while doing the act. The journey of the first dot to the last stroke on a piece. These things keep igniting my creativity and gives me drive to keep making art until I breathe that last breath.