Art CV

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1982 • Born in Cape Town, South Africa where he currently lives and works.

2001-2003 • ND Graphic Design @ CPUT
2004-2006 • Multimedia Design & Production @ City Varsity

Solo Exhibitions

• Jun “100Nights of Sketch” @Knext Art
See gallery tab for full 100. Snapshot below:

  • 100 Nights of Sketch Art Exhibition - 100 Sketches in 100 Consecutive Nights
    100 Nights of Sketch Art Exhibition - 100 Sketches in 100 Consecutive Nights

Group Exhibitions

2017 • Nov - “Contemporary Collection No.4” - Calais Wine Estate
• Nov - “Hello November” - Art@Africa
• Oct - “It is not all Black and White” - Art@Africa
• Sep - “Enchanted Forest” - Durbanville Hills
• Sep - “J.v.Riebeeck Alumni Exhibit (class of 1930 - 2017)” - Welgemeend
• Aug - “No.14” First Thursday, Cape Town - EOS Gallery
• Jan - “Erotickles IV” - Knext Art

2016 • Oct - “Constantia Charity Art Auction”
• Jun - “Feastival” - via Knext Art

2015 • Sep - “Art Mode” - Cape Town Club

Competitions & Awards

• Jun 2015 - Radisson Red - #Redexperiment - Top 5 Finalist
• Sep 2015 - Nelson Mandela sketch handed to Mrs.Thuli Madonsela*

*(former S.A Public protector & helped draft the final constitution
of South Africa promulgated by then President Nelson Mandela)

About the Artist

Urban life and its mysterious interaction with nature inspire my work.
I make my art with pencils, pens and brushes on paper, canvas, skate decks, surfboards, jack-hammered tarmac, melted plastic or any piece of suitable and workable surface.

Alliances exist between earthy vs. man-made elements in a city, you just have to look for them. Look a bit closer inside the seems & you might see the abundant visual feast that lies just beneath the grit of urban life. The imagery produced derive from these perceptions, observations & correlations I make while exploring the ubiquitous unknown aka life in the city.

I have an incredible love for the drawn line. Some lines definite, some hesitant, some smooth, some jagged. I’m addicted to the sound of pen/cil on paper. The quality of the fibre under my hand. The grain of the paper. Wait… I need to go and draw…good bye