100 Nights of Sketch

Salvador Dali - Artist
Pablo Picasso - Artist
Forest Shaman - Character
Albert Einstein - Theoretical Physicist
Johnny Cash - Musician
Sixto Rodriguez - Musician
Jack White - Musician / The White Stripes
Flea - Musician / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Forest Shaman - Character
Forest Shaman - Character
Forest Shaman - Character
Forest Shaman
Owl Shaman
Ghandalf - Character / Lord of the Rings
Tolla van der Merwe - Actor
Hunter S. Thompson - Journalist
Indiana Jones - Character
Hans Christian Andersen - Author
Biggie Smalls - Musician
Banksy - Artist
Jason Mraz- Musician
Mother Theresa - Saint
Hazel Niehaus
Al Pacino - Actor
Asterix - Character / Asterix & Obelix
Zack de la Rocha- Musician / Rage Against the Machine
Alfred E. Neuman - Character / Mad Magazine
Roald Dahl - Writer
Beethoven - Composer
Snoop Dogg - Musician
Homer Simpson - Character / The Simpsons
Kurt Cobain - Musician / Nirvana
Manu Chao - Musician
Amy Winehouse - Musician
Jean-Michel Basquiat - Artist
Napoleon Dynamite
Eddie Vedder - Musician / Pearl Jam
Garfield - Character
Ragnar Lodbrok - Viking Hero & Ruler
David Attenborough - Broadcaster
Jack Nicholson - Actor
Papa Smurf - Character / The Smurfs
Crocodile Dundee - Character
Nina Simone - Musician
Jock of the Bushveld - Actor / Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
William Shakespeare - Poet
Anton Lubowski - Advocate
Kingsley Holgate - Explorer
Tony Hawk - Skateboarder
Charles Darwin - Naturalist
Robert Nesta
Paul McCartney - Musician / The Beatles
Bennie Boekwurm - Character / Willie Walie
Chuck Norris - Martial Artist
Tracy Chapman - Musician
Abraham Lincoln - Former President of USA
Leonardo da Vinci - Artist
Michale Jackson - Musician
Coco Chanel - Fashion Designer
Zack du Plessis - Actor
Bob Dylan - Musician
Marie Curie - Physicist
Chris Cornell - Musician / Soundgarden & Audioslave
Santa Claus - Character / Christmas
Jesus Christ - Jewish Preacher / Religious Leader
Bruce Lee - Actor / Martial Artist
Michelangelo - Sculptor
Spartacus - Gladiator/ Warrior / Leader
Desmond Tutu - South African Clergyman
Riaan Cruywagen - Broadcaster
Lion O - Character / Thundercats
Lady Gaga - Musician
Mick Jagger - Musician / The Rolling Stones
Mahatma Gandhi - Indian Civil Rights Leader
Antoni Gaudí - Architect
Gautama Buddha - Founding Figure
Osho - Indian Guru
Stephen Hawking - Theoretical Physicist
Galileo Galilei - Astronomer
David Bowie - Singer & Songwriter
Method Man - Musician / Wu-tang Klan
Billie Joe Armstrong - Musician / Green Day
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien - Writer
John Lennon - Musician / The Beatles
Dawie die Kabouter - Character
Duke Kahanamokuv - Swimmer / Inventor of Surfing
Joan of Arc - Saint
Nelson Mandela - Former President of South Africa
Che Guevara - Argentine Revolutionary
Jim Morrison - Musician / The Doors
Max Yasgur - American farmer / Woodstock Music Festival
Willem Liebenberg - Artists Father

The inspiration behind the project is the symbiotic energy
which exists between trees and humans.
They breath out what we breathe in and vice versa.

Knext Art Gallery about 100 Nights of Sketch:

It is with great pleasure that I write to invite you to this artists
1st Solo Exhibition: “100 Nights of sketch” by Rudolf Liebenberg

We face many global challenges, a major one being de-forestation.
This series is a glimpse into a flight-of-imagination world where one
completely co-exists with nature.

Using iconic figures that inspired Rudolf to be where he is today as an artist,
He combines trees with human heads through the medium of pen on paper.
Celebrating linework is at the core of what this project is about.

Rudolf Liebenberg found that black line on white paper relates beautifully to the organic nature
of the tree shapes & how they interact with the wrinkles & features on the faces,
opening a whole new conversation about our perception of how we age through time.
Some heroes, some famous, some unsung, some sketches of friends & family or
famous people that died within the 100 days. He completed 100 sketches in 100 days
and we will showcase all 100.”